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7 Reason Why Companies are Benefiting from DPC

Companies have recently been looking for ways to create a healthier work environment for their employees and also increase productivity and creativity. Many of them are researching health care programs that are beneficial for both the company and the employees. 

One that always generates interest is Direct Primary Care. This healthcare program is said to be beneficial for companies but how accurate can this be? Today, you’ll learn about 7 reasons why many companies are benefiting from DPC.

DPC Benefiting Companies  

Direct primary care (DPC) is an innovative healthcare model that does not include insurance and many companies are using this model to benefit themselves and it’s employees. But why? 

Here are the 7 reasons why DPC benefits companies: 

1. Ease of Access

With direct primary care, patients are able to get in direct contact with their doctor for all healthcare needs. Direct primary care means no more out-of-network charges and no more emergency room visits for simple illnesses like the common cold or flu. 

A direct primary care clinic makes it easier for patients to have direct access to their doctors without losing time from work.

2. Convenience and Affordability

Direct primary care clinics allow direct billing with insurance, so it eliminates co-pays for treatment. This model offers a range of membership packages depending on the needs of the person. This allows direct primary care providers to provide high-quality healthcare at a more affordable rate for many Americans.

3. Transparency and Accountability

With direct primary care, doctors are incentivized to practice medicine in the best interest of the patient because they get paid directly by the patient rather than an insurance company. Also, patients don’t have to worry about making sure they stay within their insurance network. 

This direct line of accountability between doctors and patients creates an open dialogue between the two parties with no hidden charges or bureaucracy.

4. Convenient Access to Medical Records

Many direct primary care clinics use electronic health records so that there is always a backup in case of emergencies. Having direct access to secure medical records allows patients to keep a history of their medical conditions and easily transfer records from doctor to doctor.

5. Provides Flexible Spending Accounts

Many direct primary care clinics have flexible spending accounts which can be beneficial for employees who wish to receive direct primary care through their employer’s group plan.

6. No Paperwork 

There is no paperwork, co-pays, or any other barriers that would make direct primary care a less appealing option over traditional healthcare options.

7. Reduced Turnover Costs

Turnover costs, such as those associated with hiring and training new employees, can be reduced by offering direct primary care as a benefit option. This increase in job satisfaction can reduce both direct and indirect costs associated with employee turnover, making direct primary care an appealing solution for companies hoping to retain their employees.

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