What Does DPC Memberships Include?

There are many healthcare models to choose from, and finding the one that best suits your needs is important. Direct Primary Care is one of the most popular models and treats patients as valued customers who have a say in their healthcare and not just customers who need to buy products or services. 

Unlike other healthcare memberships, Costcare’s direct primary care in Missoula includes multiple services that people constantly use in their medical lives. So, what is included?

Unlimited Visits / Appointments

One of the main concepts in DPC is to provide additional services such as unlimited visits and appointments. This will ensure you will have your provider, the help, and the attention you need. Patients can also schedule their appointments with no restrictions. This includes:

  • Urgent care

  • Well-child exams

  • Yearly wellness visits

  • DOT physical exams

  • Sports physical exams

In-house Testing

DPC memberships also include in-house testing to ensure that all patients are healthy and safe. This option ensures that all tests can be done at one location, usually the patient’s direct primary provider office.

This service cuts out extra medical fees for other facilities or labs to do the tests. Also, it ensures that all tests are done effectively and accurately with CostCare’s supervision.

Affordable Prices – Transparency

DPC includes crystal-clear prices instead of surprise costs, which can arise due to different healthcare memberships. The fees will be lower than traditional insurance providers since no middleman or large company needs to get paid. 


Since direct primary care at CostCare is all about convenience, memberships include simple and quick access to providers in order for them to meet patients’ needs. Also, this ensures that there are no extra fees or unnecessary costs. 

Discounted Lab and X-Ray Services

This type of service ensures that patients will not need to pay full price for these services or go through an outside facility to get them done. Also, this allows Costcare to have all the tools they need in-house to be more productive. 

Discounted Pharmaceuticals

Since direct primary care memberships are so affordable, they also include discounted pharmaceuticals. This service ensures that all medications are available at a lower price to ensure patients can afford their prescriptions while still saving money overall. 

Discounted Procedures

CostCare DPC membership offers discounted procedures so that patients can get the most out of their healthcare. This service provides extra savings for procedures or visits while still keeping costs affordable overall. 

Discounted FASST Plan Products and Services

Members have access to discounted FASST plan products and services. This ensures that patients can use their membership anywhere they go. This will allow members to have the best experience possible at an affordable price.

Bio-identical Hormone Pellet Therapy

Bio-identical hormone pellet therapy is included in direct primary care memberships. This service ensures that patients can get one-on-one time with their doctor to discuss any issues regarding their hormones and what type of treatment is most effective for them.

Stop Searching For Direct Primary Care Near Me 

Direct primary care is an amazing healthcare membership that includes essential services to ensure your health is being taken care of. Choosing the right clinic is even more important, considering these services depend on them. That’s why at CostCare, you will find all these services. 

We are direct primary care in Missoula committed to providing the best services with the best team. Our professionals are more than qualified to take care of you and answer all your questions. Stop searching for “direct primary care near me” and contact Costcare!