Find Out About The MedSpa in Missoula, MT!

Now more than ever, it is almost impossible to find time for a doctor visit. Whether you have a demanding job, work multiple shifts, or are caring for children, it isn’t easy to schedule appointments with the doctor. 

At Costcare, we understand the lives of our clients — this is why we created an urgent care Missoula, MT service that can accommodate your needs so you can finally schedule an appointment for urgent care in our walk-in clinic.


What is Urgent Care?

Urgent care is a service provided by CostCare that lets patients schedule an appointment with their physician that same day.

We understand that life gets busy, and duties need to get accomplished quickly and efficiently. “Medical care at the speed of life” is what we call it. At Costcare, the average time from check-in to the provider is 17 minutes. This type of service leaves our patients not only physically well, but mentally peaceful.  

Moreover, during this time of the pandemic crisis of the Covid-19, we acknowledge the risks of not practicing social distancing. In accordance with social distancing policies, we offer our patients an option to avoid unwanted exposure that might be a risk to their health.

Costcare is now offering telehealth visits. Don’t expose yourself or others to any unnecessary danger. You can see a licensed practitioner from the comfort of your own home using telehealth. COVID-19 testing is also available on the go.

Wait No Longer Than 17 Minutes

Schedule appointment urgent care with Costcare. Skip the line and book a same-day appointment with an average wait time of only 17 minutes. 

At Costcare, we hate to make you wait. We understand the value of our patients’ time, from kids with school and extracurricular activities, to adults with demanding jobs, all the way to senior citizens who need more flexible scheduling, that’s why we provide superior Missoula urgent care services. 

Let Us Help You Stay Healthy

Stop looking for ”urgent care near me”. It shouldn’t be a waiting game to get medical help. You deserve a medical staff that recognizes the value of your time and strives to get you back on track.

Getting and staying healthy is now easier than ever, thanks to our urgent care service and walk-in clinic. Schedule an appointment for urgent care in Missoula, get seen the same day, and get on with your life.