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Laser Hair Removal: A Complete Guide

Picture this. You have gone over 4 weeks without shaving—no stubble in sight. Your legs are as smooth as can be, and you’ve stopped worrying about razors, ingrown hairs, and all the issues that come with shaving. 

Sounds great, right? Well, this could be you! Laser hair removal makes shaving and all its inconveniences nothing but a bad memory. With just a couple of 20 minutes sessions, unwanted hair will be gone at least 9-12 months, if not longer.  

Up next, we’ll answer a few of the most common questions regarding the process. By the end of it, you’ll know if laser hair removal is for you. But, just a heads up: it probably will be! 

How It Works

Laser hair removal has made many strides forward. Today it is a very practical, painless, and quick process that just works! 

It all starts and ends with the laser. The laser looks out for melanin in your skin, which is usually found at the base of your hair follicles. Once it’s located, the laser goes for the hair follicle root, which houses your hair stem cells. There, the laser converts its light to heat and destroys it completely. The hair dies and eventually falls out. 

How Many Sessions You’ll Need?

There are many laser hair removal technologies available. But if you prioritize efficiency and excellent results, you’ll probably want to use Icon MaxR laser systems. 

When dealing with MaxR laser systems, you’ll probably need 2-4 20 minute sessions that, when taken in context, are insignificant compared to the countless hours you’ve spent shaving through your life.

How Long Do Results Last?

The hair removal process is not permanent since hair growth is a hormonal process. However, if done correctly, the treatment can last from 9 to 12 months, if not longer.

Is It Worth It?

If you consider all the money spent on shaving products, having 2 to 4 sessions done once a year seems like the smarter investment. 

When You Look Better, You Feel Better

Laser hair removal is, without a doubt, one of the most rewarding procedures you can go through to look your best! 

At CostCare, we care about you. That’s why we offer the best laser hair removal in Missoula. We have top-of-the-line equipment like the Icon MaxR and the best professionals. Look and feel more confident with our laser hair removal in Missoula. Contact us and get a free consultation!