Is DPC Worth The Hype?

Direct primary care memberships have been growing faster over the years. This membership has an innovative and powerful purpose of providing access to high functioning healthcare with flat and affordable prices/ membership fees.

A direct primary care membership will help every patient create an enduring and trusting relationship with their primary care provider without any third-party billings. Now let’s take a look at the benefits of DPC membership and why it can be the future of medicine.

How Does The DPC Model Work

The DPC model consists of patients paying the direct primary care membership or retainer fee on a recurring basis, whether yearly, quarterly or monthly. This membership will cover almost every primary care service, including laboratory, clinical, consultative services, care management, and care coordination. 

In case of emergency care, the DPC membership will have a higher deductible.

What Does a DPC Membership Include?

This membership will provide every patient with direct primary care costs which are predictable and affordable, as well as multiple services, all covered by their membership. Some of the included are:

  • In-house testing

  • Unlimited Visits

  • Affordable Prices

  • Discounted Labs and X-Ray Services

  • Discounted Pharmaceuticals and Procedures

  • Bio-identical Hormone Pellet Therapy

Benefits of a DPC Membership 

  • Better Health Outcomes

Patients will be able to achieve superior health outcomes with a DPC membership. It offers delivery options, improved access to physicians, and comprehensive patient care. 

  • Lower Costs

It provides transparent and affordable costs based on a periodic flat rate. DPC memberships are  usually cheaper compared to other patients’ bills.

  • Enhanced Patient Experience 

DPC memberships provide superior patient experience with longer appointments and relationships between the client and the provider. 

How To Get A Direct Primary Care Membership

There is nothing better than feeling healthy, informed, and safe. With a direct primary care membership, patients will have access  to affordable primary care at any time with  multiple  health care services included in the membership.. 

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