What's Included in a Direct Primary Care Membership?

Learn how CostCare's membership plan keeps your primary care costs under control.

All in-office visits are covered by the monthly membership. This includes yearly wellness visits, urgent care visits, well-child exams, DOT physicals, and sports physicals.

Strep, mono, flu, urine pregnancy, PT/INR, etc

One set of preventative wellness labs are covered under the membership:
– CBC (blood counts to check for anemia)
– CMP (liver and kidney)
– TSH (thyroid function)
– HGA1C (diabetes scenting and monitoring)
– LIPID PANEL (total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, Triglycerides)
– PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen)
– URINE DIP – urine screen for blood, protein and glucose

Any labs or services not covered under the membership are provided at cost + 10%. Please see the additional pricing sheet; however, not all labs are listed. If you have a question about a particular lab, please ask us for a price.

Our providers can be contacted directly via phone, text or email and we provide medical services after hours and for weekend urgent care matters that can’t wait. If your provider is not available to see you in a reasonable manner, your DPC membership follows you to our urgent care and those visits are also included.

We are contracted with Quest Laboratories to provide our patients with diagnostic services at a significantly discounted rate. We have partnered with Montana Imaging to offer X-Rays at $40 and MRIs at $400. This price includes the fee to have your results read by a radiologist.

CostCare Direct has  partnered with a local pharmacy to offer many generic medications at cost. If the medication can’t be offered at cost, it is then priced at cost + $5 and name brand medications are priced at cost + $12.  Now that’s what I call transparent pricing!

Our in-office procedures are provided at a cost of $25. These procedures include stitches, splints, IUD placement (does not include the cost of IUD) Nexplanon placement (does not include the cost of Nexplanon), endometrial biopsy, colposcopy, toenail removal, and skin biopsies. (There is a $75 charge for biopsy specimens sent to a pathologist for review)

Hormone pellets are custom-compounded therapies that are placed just under the skin for peri-menopausal and postmenopausal symptoms. The pellets contain bio-identical hormones that are identical to the hormones found in your body. They are replaced every three months and your CostCare Direct Primary Care membership markedly discounts this procedure at a savings of up to $800/year – nearly the cost of one year of your membership!