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Have you Heard About These Menopause Symptoms?

Many women in their mid-40s start experiencing different changes in their bodies, whether physical or emotional. This age consists of many transitions from irregular periods to constant fatigue. This is completely normal; almost every woman will experience these and many more changes in their body. This is a natural process that women go through called menopause.


Perimenopause or menopause is a process that can take up to 10 years to happen. During this time, women can experience a lot of changes. Today, you will learn about all the symptoms you should be aware of, so your transition to this new stage is smooth and easier.

Irregular Periods

Irregular periods or bleeding between your period is one of the most common changes women experience. This is caused by the changes in estrogen and progesterone levels in your body, which affect your menstrual cycle. 

Breast Tenderness

Sudden breast soreness and tenderness are another common symptom. This usually happens during the early stage of menopause as well as before your period. Your breasts become more sensitive to hormonal changes, which make them feel sore or tender periodically.

Vaginal Dryness

As we mentioned previously, your estrogen levels slowly drop, resulting in vaginal dryness. It also makes the vagina thinner and less elastic resulting in discomfort during intercourse.

Urine Leakage

Your bladder is another part of your body that may become difficult to control. You can also experience an urgent need to urinate more frequently. This can happen when you sneeze, cough, or even exercise.


Not being able to sleep well is the last common symptom women experience due to menopause. Because of this, many women are forced to take sleeping pills on a long-term basis. However, this is not necessary – there are other natural ways to help you sleep!

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Many products can help you deal with these changes, the first being Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy(BHRT). This is a great way to help your body become more stable again.


Costcare is a women´s health care in Missoula where you´ll be able to find the best hormone pallets that can help you with perimenopause. We are committed to giving you the best care you need so you enjoy your life like nothing is changing. Our specialists would be happy to assist you all the way.


Costcare is a women´s health center that meets all your health and wellness needs. We will be happy to answer your questions and concerns. We understand how difficult it is to go through menopause and transition to a new stage in life. Our team is fully trained to provide you with the best attention during your visit to our women´s health care center in Missoula.


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