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Unwanted body hair can leave people feeling insecure about their appearance. Before laser treatment was available people were left with waxing, plucking or shaving.

Many times people do nothing because of the hassle or discomfort and temporary results of those treatment options.  With the newest in laser technology, hair removal is effective, affordable and can be done in as little as 20 minutes.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is one of the newest advancements in treating unwanted hair.  See below for more information, but the results are amazing even after 1-2 treatments.

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The MaxR uses IPL technology to target the melanin in the hair follicles without harming the surrounding skin. It is optimized light technology for hair reduction on all skin types. The large spot size quickly covers larger areas such as the back, legs, and chest. It is fast, easy and FDA-approved.

The MaxR can treat unwanted dark hair anywhere on the body including:

    • Anywhere on the face
    • Chest
    • Back
    • Arms
    • Legs
    • Bikini Area
    • Brazilian

The MaxR must capture the hair follicle in the active growth phase.  Because your hair is in different stages of growth it typically requires 2-4 treatments.

    • Upper lip, chin  $100
    • Bikini area  $115
    • Underarms, brazilian $165
    • Both lower legs, upper back $300
    • Full legs, full back  $500

The hair removal is not permanent because hair growth is driven by hormones and will stimulate regrowth.  However, the treatment can last up to 9-12 months if not longer. Many of our patients will maintain their hair loss with a treatment every 6-12 months.

If we are treating a larger area we may apply a numbing cream to the treated area prior to treatment.  If so, we will have you arrive 30 minutes prior to your appointment.  You will receive a text or email two days prior to your appointment reminding you of your appointment time. That is the time of your procedure.

You need to arrive 30 minutes prior to the appt time. So if you receive a text or email reminding you of your 2:00 appt, then you should arrive at the clinic at 1:30.  If you arrive at 2:00, we will not be able to apply the numbing cream.

The procedure can still be performed but without the benefit of the numbing cream (even without numbing cream, the treatment is more than tolerable.)  We will then apply some oil to the treatment area and begin the treatment.

The treatment takes about 5–20 minutes depending on which areas are being treated.  The laser has a snapping sensation and the pain level is typically rated about 4-5/10 by patients.  You may have some redness at the site that usually lasts just a few hours..  Some people do experience some swelling at the treated area but this is uncommon and if it does occur it  is usually minimal.

You may experience some soreness for 1-2 days after treatment, but this is uncommon.  Most people report no side effects following this procedure.

Max R treatments can be performed every 4 weeks.

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