Find Out About The MedSpa in Missoula, MT!

Life goes by pretty quickly. All of a sudden fine lines, wrinkles, and sunspots are things you’re worrying about. Inside, you’re as young as you’ve ever been, but outside you’re feeling insecure. We get it. That’s why at CostCare we’ve developed comprehensive aesthetics services to empower you beyond your expectations. 


How We Can Help

Our team of medical professionals has been hard at work finding the best treatments to help you become the best version of yourself. From taking care of wrinkles, scars, and sun damage to quick and effective hair removal procedures, we’re ready for you!

Our Services

Warm Sculpting

The first FDA-cleared treatment for fat loss in stubborn areas like thighs or the belly. Our certified professionals are ready to help with WarmSculpting. This revolutionary and top-of-the-line laser procedure destroys fat cells permanently without any downtime!

Wrinkles, Scars, & Skin Tightening 

From fillers, injectables, radiofrequency treatments, and Intense Pulse Light technology, at Costcare, you choose. Not only do you get to choose which of these treatments you’d prefer, but you’ll also be getting them administered by top-notch medical professionals, so you can get what you need to soothe off the effects of aging. 

Redness, Rosacea, & Sun Damage

You can successfully treat redness, rosacea, as well as any skin blemishes and sunspots. With our special Intense Pulse Light treatments, you’ll be good to go in as little as two 20-minute treatments!

Women’s Health

Our team of professionals is the best when it comes to hormone pellet therapy and vaginal rejuvenation. Our clients prove it. We’ve changed many lives, and you could be next!

Hair Removal

Shaving, tweezing, and waxing can become a distant memory! With our state-of-the-art Icon MaxR laser device, you’ll feel clean-shaven for up to a year or more, after only a couple of 20 minutes sessions. 

Skin Care

Turn back the years with our pharmaceutical-grade skincare to enhance your aesthetic program, making your results stand the test of time. 

Beauty Treatment in Missoula, MT

At Costcare, we offer the best body treatments in Missoula, MT! Our team of certified medical professionals is constantly finding better ways to treat you. We provide excellence, professionalism, and efficiency. Don’t wait any longer and get the results you want!


  1. At this time, the health dept is recommending we test those with symptoms of Covid-19 which can include, but not limited to: respiratory symptoms, fever (>100.4), sore throat, loss of taste or smell. We are also testing first responders and essential workers. 

  2. Those people who have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for the Covid-19 virus. The health department will contact you if you have been listed as a “direct contact.”

  3.  Many states  are requiring proof of negative testing prior to entry. You can walk-in or make an appt online for testing. 

    Because of the high volume of phone calls, our staff are unable to answer the phone at our Russell location. You are welcome to leave a message but it could take up to 1-3 days to receive a return call. If you do need to be tested, click HERE to schedule an appointment online.  We are only testing patients at our Russell location. Many times we can simply do a telemedicine visit and curb-side COVID testing right in your vehicle!  Our walk-in clinic on Russell Street is located across from the YMCA.  Current clinic hours are:

    Monday through Friday:  8am-6pm  

    Saturday and Sunday:  9am-2pm

You need to remain on self quarantine” until the test results are available. If the test returns positive and you have mild to moderate symptoms, then you need to remain home and isolate yourself from people and even pets. The health department will be notified of your positive test and they will reach out to you. This may take a few days as they are extremely busy also.  If the test is negative, then you can presume you do not have the Coronavirus. 

However, we still recommend that you remain home until your symptoms subside.

The Coronavirus typically lasts 2 weeks. There are a couple of different methods to end self quarantine:

  1. Healthcare personnel who tested positive for the virus
      1. You no longer have a fever
      2. Your cough is essentially absent
      3.  You have tested negative 2 days in a row (each test performed 24 hours apart)
  2. You haven’t been tested but have been placed on self quarantine
      1. You haven’t had fever or respiratory symptoms for 3 days
      2. It has been at least 7 days since your first symptom
  3.  You have tested positive for the virus but not a healthcare worker
      1. You haven’t had any symptoms for 7 days
      2. No fever for 7 days
      3. You have one negative test

If you develop shortness of breath or chest pain, you need to be evaluated. We recommend you go directly to the Emergency Room.

The most important thing is not to spread the virus to other people. You must remain home until you have been released from self quarantine.  See the section “When am I no longer on self quarantine.”  The treatment for mild to moderate infection is supportive care.  Ensure you have medications to help with symptoms.