All About DPC – What And What It Does Not Include

Have you heard about DPC? Do you know what it is and what this program can cover? If your answers were no, then you need to learn about this because it can provide amazing alternatives to insurance billing.

Keep reading and learn all about DPC!

What is DPC?

DPC stands for Direct Primary Care. It is a particular type of health care delivered by your family doctor and other professionals such as nurse practitioners and physician assistants. Primary care’s main goal is to promote, maintain and restore health through the diagnosis and treatment of illness. 

The fee allows the patient to schedule appointments at the time of their choice, online or via email, for quick response, receive same-day urgent appointments when necessary, order prescription refills and lab tests. 

Direct primary care practices are growing in popularity due to lower overhead costs than traditional offices, which allows them to charge less for monthly fees because they do not have to hire billing staff.

What Does It Include?

Direct primary care membership includes most primary care services such as clinical and laboratory services, consultative services, care coordination, and comprehensive care management.

Patients who go to DPC clinics are typically assigned a primary care doctor, who they can contact for general advice at any time. Rather than requiring patients to make appointments weeks in advance, doctors will sometimes see their patients the same day they call or email for an appointment. 

This allows people to access healthcare more quickly and easily.

What It Doesn’t Include

Something to keep in mind is that primary care membership eliminates the need for third-party insurance. However, keep in mind that a DPC physician only delivers primary health care services. As a result, as a DPC member, you are advised to maintain health insurance to pay for major accidents, hospitalizations, and specialist treatment for serious illnesses.

This plan is getting popular and more in demand, making things a little difficult when looking for a DPC doctor.

Get Your DPC Membership at CostCare

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