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Direct Primary Care vs. Traditional Health Models

Over the years, health insurance plans have become increasingly frustrating and confusing. Patients without insurance and even those that are insured but can’t keep paying absurdly high monthly premiums turn to direct primary care as a better alternative to access medical care.

Direct primary care works as an arrangement made directly between a healthcare provider and a patient. With insurance providers out of the loop, patients and providers alike can rest assured they won’t be obliged to fill out cumbersome insurance claims.  

Without this hassle, it is easy to seewhy more and more Americans are beginning to use direct primary care as a healthcare model. It’s simple and affordable. 

Next up, we’ll measure direct primary care against traditional healthcare models so you can make a more well-informed decision about what’s best for you and your loved ones. 

Traditional Health Models

  • Impersonal: Traditional practices tend to be  less personal. More often than not, relationships with patients are harder to develop because of the volume of people the physician sees, making you feel like just another number on the doctor’s list.
  • Third-party interference: Insurance companies and even the government meddle with the care provided by the physician, effectively leaving you at the hands of non-medical professionals.
  • Hidden charges: Traditional medical models do not show you what you’re paying for. As a result, many people who would prefer to pay out-of-pocket seek care elsewhere.

Direct Primary Care 

  • Personal: DPC practices are usually quite small in numbers. While traditional practices rack up over 2000 patients, a direct primary care clinic has a limit of between 400 and 600 patients. This results in a more patient-oriented practice.
  • Autonomous: DPC provides you with healthcare provided by medical professionals. Your health is in the right hands. 
  • Fee transparency: With DPC, you get what you pay for. The membership fees are as clear as day, and there’ll never be any hidden charges. 

What’s Better For Me?

If you’re still undecided, we’ll help you. With Direct Primary Care, you save money to focus on what matters most: your health. At Costcare, you’ll receive premium healthcare delivered by the best medical professionals in our direct primary care clinics. So don’t wait any longer and get what’s best for you and your loved ones!