Direct Primary Care in Missoula, MT

Getting quality healthcare is the most important aspect of your health and wellbeing. Understanding your options is key to finding the best choice for you. Traditional insurance is expensive; at CostCare, we have designed a membership plan to keep your primary healthcare cost to a minimum. 

Having 24/7 access to healthcare professionals is an important feature when looking for urgent care in Missoula; whether it’s by going to an in-person appointment, texting, calling, or emailing, CostCare offers immediate attention to its members. 




Affordable Health Care

We all know how busy we get these days, always on the go. And this takes a toll on your health, making you forget to do routine checks. Or even worse, getting seriously ill and not knowing how to recover as quickly as possible. Health is an important part of happiness, and it’s a good idea to learn the best ways to maintain your health from a professional. 

However, getting that care can be expensive even with traditional insurance; that’s why at CostCare, we have worked to create an affordable membership model for direct primary care in Missoula. 

With DPC, all doctor visits are included in the membership: annual screenings, in-office tests, DOT screenings, pre-employment physicals, and sports physicals. We ensure no more co-pays, co-insurance, or surprise bills after the fact.

What Other Services Does DCP Provide?

At CostCare, we provide the services necessary to ensure your health and protection. Keeping our members healthy is our top priority. We understand healthcare can be expensive, which is why with our monthly DCP membership, we certify the best cost-effective service. 

We ensure 24/7 access to our healthcare professionals via text, phone, email, and with no additional charge to in-office visits. We offer affordable prices and full transparency with costs. 

We provide a set of preventative wellness labs covered under the membership, such as blood counts to check for anemia, diabetes scenting and monitoring, urine screen for blood, protein, and glucose, and Pap/HPV testing. Any labs or services that are not covered under the membership are provided at cost + 10%.


The Best Care You Need

Everyone wants to get the best healthcare available, but there’s no need to keep searching for “best urgent care in Missoula” or “Best urgent care near me”–CostCare and Direct Primary Care are the best choices when it comes to your health. 

Excellent service, cost-effective, accessible, transparent, and trustworthy is what you can expect to get from CostCare, the top direct primary care in Missoula, so don’t hesitate to sign up now to get all the benefits.