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A Wellness Program That Truly Makes Your Company Healthier

Customized Plans Unique to Your Business

Missoula's Workforce Wellness Program Provider, Because:

Healthy, Supported Employees are Productive, Engaged Employees.

Stop struggling to keep your workforce healthy and provide effective solutions to support your employees.

Reduce Absenteeism

Improve Employee Engagement

Increase Productivity

Don't You Deserve Healthy Employees?

We’ve built our business helping one patient at a time take control of their health.

Let us use those same tools to improve the health of your workforce.

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Customize Your Wellness Program:

Match Every Aspect of Your Program to Your Needs

Onsite Wellness screenings/vaccine clinics

– Yearly wellness labs
– Biometric Screening
– Vaccine clinics

Occupational Health - Medical Surveillance

– Pre-Employment exams
– DOT physicals
– Return to work Physicals
– Respiratory Clearance
– Audiometry
– Spirometry
– EKGs
– Multiple lab options
– Non-DOT urine drug collections

Workers' Comp

– Initial injury treatment provided
– Follow-up care coordinated
– Best course of action determined based on injury or illness
– Communication with an employee safety manager
– Billing and communication direct with WC carrier

Galleria Cancer Testing

You have the option to offer your employees advanced cancer screening.

Galleri Mult-Cancer Early-Cancer Detection

How To Start Getting a Healthy Workforce:

Stop Stressing About Employees Missing Work.
Support Them With An Engaging Wellness Program

Nobody likes it when people miss work due to illness or not feeling well. Not the employee and not their employer. And it’s not just missing time at work that has a cost. When employees don’t feel well or feel supported, their work and their attitude suffers.

Healthy people are happier people > Happier people are more engaged > Engaged employees are more productive.

A strong and supported wellness program can make a big difference in an employee’s life and in your company’s bottom line.

You shouldn’t be worried about the cost of a program. You should be worried about what it costs to not have one in place.