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Botox: How Much You Need and What Would It Cost

I am so glad you asked ! If you are entertaining the idea of getting Botox for the very first time, you have come to the right place.  All consultations are ALWAYS free and we will discuss “down to the penny” how much your treatment will cost.  


1. We will meet at your scheduled time in my private treatment room at Costcare.  I will set aside 30 minutes for your consultation and we can certainly do the procedure at that time if you decide to proceed.


2. We will get acquainted and I will learn from you what you would like to correct, what bothers you, and what are your desired outcomes.  


3. You will know more than you ever wanted to know about Botox before we proceed.  


4. With my best clinical judgment, and your expectations, as a team, we will decide how much Botox should be placed in each area that you want treated.  Most clients want to minimize the furrows between their eyes, crows feet and horizontal lines across the forehead.  I treat each of those areas differently since they are separate muscles.


5. I total up how many units of Botox are required to achieve your desired results.  I multiply that number by $13 and that is your cost.  For example, if we determine you will require 40 units, 40 x $13 = $520, that will be your final cost.  Costcare takes all forms of payment from Care Credit, cash, checks, credit card or combination of any.


6.  I am a conservative injector, meaning that I would rather UNDER-inject you and have you return for more than OVER-inject you and cause dissatisfaction.  


7. As mentioned earlier, with all questions answered, we can proceed with the treatment at that time.  Once we have determined our plan, it only takes minutes to do the treatment.  


Hopefully, with the above steps laid out, you can now imagine what our time together will look like.  I am a natural teacher and educator and will cover EVERY angle of what will take place.  You will leave with more knowledge and feel like you made an informed decision about your important treatment.  And in 1 week you can look younger and more rested than ever.  I look forward to meeting with you.  


–Cat Otway, RN