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All You Need To Know About Telehealth During COVID

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Covid has been one of the most life-changing events in the world. Many businesses and services have changed the way they work in this new way of life. The health industry was one of the most affected sectors; all members were exposed and had to do their best to keep people safe.


The impact of the pandemic was huge and obligated doctors and specialists to look for another effective alternative for patients without exposing one another. This is where telehealth comes in. 


Telehealth is a new approach many clinics, doctors, and hospitals are starting to implement. Keep reading to learn more about telehealth and its amazing benefits.

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is a new way of communication that arose due to the pandemic in 2020. This method allows the doctors, specialists, and other medical staff to provide care without being in the same place. Telehealth can be:


  • Synchronous: Live phone or video sessions with your doctor. 
  • Asynchronous: Messages through secure email and file exchanging.
  • Remote Monitoring: Direct connection with devices to the patient.

Why You Should Use Telehealth?

Telehealth in Missoula is a great service that allows you to get the assistance you need at the comfort of your home. Many medical practitioners use telehealth to monitor and improve ongoing issues such as health conditions, medication changes, and follow-ups.


If you´re not sure you´re eligible for this service, make sure you consult with your doctor.


Telehealth includes:

  • Laboratory tests
  • X-rays results
  • Therapy and counseling
  • Recurring conditions
  • Prescription management
  • Common sicknesses: colds, migraines, coughs, stomach aches, etc.
  • Follow-ups
  • Request of information from the patient: weight, blood pressure, etc

Benefits of Telehealth

  • No exposure: The patient won’t be exposed to any hospitals or clinics.
  • Convenient: You can schedule your online appointment from home at your desired time.
  • Faster: The patient wait-time will shorten significantly.
  • Accessibility: You can increase your access to specialists located in different cities and even states.

Get Telehealth In Missoula With Costcare

Telehealth has allowed many people and doctors to have easy access to effective health care services without being exposed to any COVID environment. Costcare is a medspa clinic in Missoula that offers telehealth to the community.


Costcare wants to give people the access they need to all the benefits without exposing themselves to a COVID setting. Our medspa clinic in Missoula is known for delivering excellence in all of our services. If you´re thinking about using telehealth, make sure to contact us today.