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Aesthetics Services At CostCare

There's nothing wrong with wanting to look better.....It's not about them. It's about you.

When HealthCare Meets SelfCareAs we age, fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin can undermine how we feel about our appearance.  You CAN do this for yourself. You deserve to feel confident. #YOURTURN

Advanced Aesthetics & MedSpa in Missoula, MT

Warm Sculpting

With Warm Sculpting by SculpSure you can erase those stubborn areas of fat in your belly, flanks, arms, legs, back and under your chin with no surgery or downtime. This noninvasive treatment can be done on your lunch hour at CostCare in Missoula, MT.

Wrinkles, Scars & Skin Tightening

From botox and dermal fillers to spa like radiofrequency treatments to Intense Pulse Light (IPL) technology, at CostCare in Missoula, MT we have what you need to reduce fine lines and soften the effects of aging.

Redness, Rosacea & Sun Damage

Intense Pulse Light (IPL) can reduce the redness of facial veins and rosacea as well as skin blemishes, sun spots and melasma in as little as 1-2 treatments.

Women's Health

With radiofrequency technology for vaginal rejuvenation and the benefits of hormone pellet therapy we offer at CostCare,  you will look at your friends and say, “Menopause has been a breeze.” Learn more about our women’s health treatments. 

Hair Removal

Stop shaving, tweezing or waxing unwanted hair.  With just a few 20-minute hair removal treatments, unwanted hair will vanish for good.

Skin Care

You’ve invested time and money in your appearance. Now use a line of pharmaceutical-grade skincare to complement your aesthetic program so your results last longer.

How Much Do Aesthetics Cost?

Warm Sculpting with SculpSure

$125 -$130 per frame

$399 per treatment

Wrinkles, Scars and Skin Tightening

  • Full face $499
  • Partial face $399
  • Neck $299
  • Chest $399
  • Scar treatment $125 if under 1 inch and $250 if over 1 inch.

$399 full face

$299 per body area

Package deal:  5 treatments for the price of 4 

Redness, Rosacea and Sun Damage - MaxG



Combination of MaxG and Fractional together in one session:  $700

Women’s Health

$225 per pellet placement (Direct Primary Care patients $50 insertion fee + $18.50 per pellet)

$349 per treatment

Package deal: 5 treatments for the price of 4 for $1396

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