Are There Any Side Effects To Warm Sculpting?

As body sculpting, in general, becomes more and more popular over time, so does warm sculpting. This laser and non-invasive treatment to destroy fat cells in targeted areas of your body has become a great choice compared to other treatments in the industry. 

Before undergoing a fat loss treatment such as warm sculpting, let’s take a look at important information that will guide you before and after your first session. 

A Non-invasive FDA-cleared and Recognized Medical Equipment 

Warm sculpting is FDA-cleared and recognized to be a safer process compared to liposuction. Where other fat loss treatments only target one localized portion of fat, warm sculpting uses four applicators to effectively target different areas of the body to reduce that unwanted fat. 

What To Expect After WarmSculpting 

After a 25-minute warm sculpting/sculpture treatment, you may have a few minor sculpsure side effects as it is a low-risk procedure. Some patients may experience:


Some soreness can be experienced for a couple of days after your session. However, it won’t prevent you from performing your daily activities.  


Although nodules rarely appear, they’re clumps of destroyed fat cells. It’s recommended to massage 2-3 times for three weeks after your treatment.


In case swelling occurs, don’t panic. It usually only lasts from 2-3 days.

It’s also recommended for patients to use relaxed, loose fitting clothes and stay hydrated before and after to allow flushing of the destroyed fat cells. 

Professional Medical Spa Clinic In Missoula, MT

When choosing the right medical Spa clinic for you, make sure you go through a consulting process to determine the areas and treatment sessions to help you achieve your body goals. At CostCare in Missoula, MT we’re an experienced and professional medical spa clinic that offers aesthetics treatments to help you boost your confidence and achieve your desired look.

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