Direct Primary Care: Is It For You?

Finding affordable traditional health care is difficult, confusing, and often impossible. This problem extends to the point that many people think it is something affordable only by the wealthy. However, healthcare, as a universal right, should not only be affordable but also high-quality service.

In response to this challenging situation, Direct Primary Care (DPC) was created to satisfy this basic need of living a healthy and happy life.

What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care is a membership-based model of healthcare. Once a month, the users pay an affordable charge, which gives them 24/7 access to their healthcare providers. 

The visits to their primary care physicians can be held not only in person but also via text, email, and phone. These benefits are convenient for everyone, but especially for those who work long shifts or have inconsistent hours as they can accommodate their job while still prioritizing their health.

How is DPC Different?

Direct Primary care has a low monthly charge covering multiple healthcare benefits. When comparing Direct Primary Care to a traditional health insurance company, three main noticeable benefits rise to the top:

1. Office visits, usually charged by traditional insurance companies, have no extra cost when using Direct Primary Care. 

2. Deductibles, a confusing and fickle cost charged by insurance companies, do not exist in the Direct Primary Care system.

3. Since Direct Primary Care provides the patient with 24/7 access to physicians, the chance that they will need to go to the emergency room is drastically decreased. This in turn can save thousands of dollars in ER fees.

More Benefits of Using DPC

Regular visits to the doctor are usually only the first step to maintaining a healthy life. When a patient is sick, doctors might run multiple tests to help you recover and keep healthy. The following is a chart that compares the Direct Primary Care fees to traditional insurance. 


Traditional Primary Care

Direct Primary Care 


$28-$110 each




(read fee not included)


(read fee included)

Orthopedic MRI



ER visits

$2500 (average price)

Usually decreased when using 24/7 DPC

DPC: a Low, Monthly Fee For Your Well-Being

It’s time to leave behind all the over-the-top costs of taking care of your health and well-being. Direct Primary Care is the more affordable and convenient alternative to traditional pricing and fees. Costcare offers this superior way of caring for you and your family’s health.