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The Way Healthcare Should Be Done.

Accessible, Cost-Effective, Transparent

“I am so thankful to have CostCare and Jen Culp, PA-C, as my provider. The entire staff is thorough and efficient while maintaining an atmosphere that is welcoming and friendly. Most importantly, they listen, and I feel confident my concerns are heard.”    Melody Jeffries Peters

Our Philosophy

CostCare was started in 2007 to provide affordable, transparent and accessible healthcare to anyone in need.  Nearly 2 decades later, we continue to lead the way with innovative approaches to primary and urgent care, women’s health and  aesthetics. We take the necessary time with our patients to best serve their needs.  We prefer educating patients on applicable lifestyle choices that will make significant changes in their overall health.We are grateful for the support of our patients, friends, families, and community in our ongoing pursuit to provide the best health care possible to those in western  Montana.

What We Do

“DPC is an additional cost which has been of more value to me than my actual primary insurance. My medication is discounted through Granite Pharmacy, my labs are discounted, and some referrals are discounted. This program guarantees absolute access to your Primary Care Provider.  I would encourage everyone to sign up with Costcare for DPC services. The monthly membership is worth every penny.”      Jozetta Werner

Insurance We Take

BCBS – PPO only
Medicaid – with voucher approval – walk-in visits only
Missoula County Medical Benefits
MT Health Co-Op
Provider Network of America
First Choice Health Network/Health Info Net (HIN)




Meritain Health TX


United Healthcare/UMR

Golden Rule

First Health Network


“I have been a patient at CostCare for years and I keep coming back because I feel cared for there, not just by Dr. Bridges but from all of the staff.”   Julie Gemar

“In today’s fast-paced and often impersonal healthcare system, DPC stands out as a beacon of patient-centered care. The convenience, affordability, and high-quality service it offers have made a significant difference in my life and health. I wholeheartedly recommend Direct Primary Care to anyone seeking a more personalized, accessible, and patient-focused approach to primary healthcare. It’s a truly transformative way to experience healthcare that puts your well-being first. Thank you, Costcare, for making healthcare feel like a partnership rather than a transaction.”    Laura Olsonoski